Audi A3 (8V) Mk3 coilovers

Suitable for Solid beam rear axle / up to 965 kg Front load (50mm front strut)
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About this kit

Height adjustment front
30 - 65 mm
Height adjustment rear
45 - 65 mm
TÜV Approval

Droplink required

Droplinks may be required on this vehicle!

Your warranty may not be valid if drop links are not fitted.

When lowering a vehicle, the drive shafts can get too close to the anti roll bar. Fitting V-Maxx shortened drop links will increase the clearance and avoid issues which could damage the car and the suspension. If lowering over 40mm, then these are required.

Part No: SBMORRP (inc 20% VAT): £51.60

Height-adjustable Coilovers

Part No.
60 AV 40/50
RRP (inc 20% VAT)

Height adjustable

With on-vehicle ride height adjustment and factory-set damping, the ride height can be easily adjusted allowing you to achieve the ultimate stance. Damping is preset by V-Maxx to give the best balance between sporty handling and ride comfort for fast-road driving.

Height and damping adjustable Coilovers

Part No.
70 AV 40/50
RRP (inc 20% VAT)

Height adjustable

Combining on-vehicle adjustment of both height and damping, this kit gives improved control over factory-set V-Maxx kits whilst still allowing easy height adjustment for that perfect vehicle stance. Damping ranges from "road comfort" to "trackday stiff" with over 20+ click levels of adjustment.